Practicing from a Biblical Worldview, Envision counselors believe that every person is a valuable treasure, that everyone is capable of creating positive life changes, and that hope can be found even in the most difficult circumstances.

Judy Jankowski, LPCS, LPC, CACI

Judy has been a counselor since 2013, but has been in the world of people development, coaching, and life study for much, much, longer. She has been married to her first and only husband for over 30 years. She is a mother, a step-mother, and a grandmother. Like most people, she was not raised in a perfect home and spent years learning to make healthy life choices. She stumbled into the business world quite by accident and found success in management and consulting.

Still, her natural gifts have always been in working with people. Whether it is encouraging a co-worker, comforting a child, or presenting solutions to a group of executives, she has a passion for helping people explore possibilities. She finally decided to pursue this passion in the field of counseling. She received a Master of Science degree in Professional Counseling, is licensed in the State of South Carolina as a Professional Counselor and is a Certified Addictions Counselor.

Contact: info@ecsweb.org | (864) 278-0590

Beth Baily-Billmeyer, BS, Office Manager

In her many years of experience as a manager and director of Operations, Human Resources, and Counseling Services, Beth has gained a deep understanding and appreciation for the important work of Envision Counseling Services. Beth is responsible for all the very important and necessary work that takes place outside of the counseling office. But don’t let her sharp business mind fool you. Beth is a counselor at heart and serves the community by acting as a Mentor for “Fostering Great Ideas”, is an Equine Specialist on a counseling team at Hope Remains, and is a member of the South Carolina Christian Foundation.

Beth is married and has two horses and four dogs. She is an animal lover (especially horses) and an expert in natural equine and canine pet care.

Contact: bethb@ecsweb.org | (864) 278-0591

Nicole Hill, MA, LPC

As a teen, Nicole faced some circumstances that were out of her control but learned to own them and work with what she was given. She is passionate about helping others be healthy and happy in life and in relationships. Nicole has experience with adolescents who have been through traumatic situations and helped them to know that there is hope. She takes pride in helping others find their purpose and be confident with what that purpose is. She serves adolescents, teens, and adults with issues related to anxiety, depression, trauma, and setting boundaries in relationships by building a partnership in a safe environment where they can find validation and support without judgement.
Nicole is a wife, mother, stepmother, and grandmother who enjoys cooking, listening to music, laughing, and spending time with her family.

Contact: nhill@ecsweb.org | (864) 278-0606

Marty Height, LPCS, LPC, LAC

Originally from Ohio, Marty moved across three states before landing in South Carolina for college. He quickly fell in love with the people, weather, and a southern girl named Ashley. Now married with two awesome boys, Marty enjoys family time, weekend trips with his wife, documentaries, and a good Netflix binge.

After receiving his bachelor’s degree from North Greenville University and master’s degree from Columbia International University, Marty gained experience in the fields of substance use and mental health. He has worked with people from all walks of life and enjoys entering the change process as people adjust, grieve, and process life experiences. Additionally, he is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor, and Licensed Addiction Counselor.

In the counseling process, Marty uses relationship building to develop the foundation from which to address needs. Drawing from personal experience and education, he works hard to support people as they move from where they are to where they want to be. Motivated by his deep faith, Marty feels that all people matter, and that change is always possible.

Marty is a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor (LPCS), Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), and a Licensed Addiction Counselor (LAC).

Stacy Davis, MACC, LPC

Stacy wholeheartedly believes in establishing a relationship of trust in making counseling effective. She genuinely cares about people and her first priority is to get to know clients and let them know that she is in their corner. From there she hopes to help clients heal, grow and change.
After graduating from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, Stacy spent over a decade in full time youth ministry. During those years of engaging in people’s lives she discovered her passion and gifts for counseling. This led her to pursue two masters’ degrees in Christian Counseling and Christian Leadership at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. She has now worked as a licensed counselor for over six years helping people with a variety of issues including those related to depression, anxiety, trauma, marriage & family conflict, life transition, and loss of purpose.
One of the best nights of Stacy’s life was when she met her husband at Bruster’s Ice Cream Shop 13 years ago. They have been married for 11 years and share four friendly and energetic children together.  She often counts her blessings with them and sometimes counts the minutes until bedtime. She knows full well the challenges of balancing life’s demands.
Stacy seeks to constantly grow as a counselor and be the best she can be for her clients. She believes biblical truth has the utmost power to transform lives so integrating those principles into the counseling process is of great value to her.

(864) 278-0590

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